RMS – Resource Maintenance System


Discrepancy Management

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  • Tracks all discrepancies on multiple resource categories (aircraft, simulators, vehicles)
  • Categorize discrepancies by type
  • Automatic alerts, if desired, when discrepancy entered against a resource
  • Tracks Squawks, Open Discrepancies, Deferred Discrepancies and Closed Discrepancies
  • Create Work Order or assign discrepancy to existing work order

Work Order Management

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  • Track all Open, Closed and in progress work orders
  • Managers can electronically assign work orders to technicians
  • Work Order clock in and clock out
  • Automatic audit to ensure each discrepancy has associated corrective action
  • Canned Corrective Action insert capability
  • Work order can include recommended parts list
  • Includes capability to pull parts from inventory
  • Provides tracking of parts installed by work order
  • Tracks parts removed by the work order
  • Event checklists automatically made a part of the work order
  • Includes a “Pass Down” capability for carry-over work
  • Technician, Inspected By, and Supervisor signoff audits
  • Capability to generate “generic” work orders (work not associated with a resource, i.e., shop maintenance, inventory parts, or special projects)

Event Management

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  • Events can be user-defined for each resource category (aircraft, vehicles, simulators)
  • Users have flexibility to define the event to meet their specific resource needs
  • Events durations can be set for hours, days, or months with a warning or grounding threshold
  • Events can be tied to Air Worthiness Directives and/or Service Bulletins and set for one time or recurring.
  • Users can structure checklists for each defined event.
  • User-defined/Canned corrective actions can be defined for each event to simplify technician input
  • ATA Codes can be loaded and assigned as applicable to defined events
  • Recommended parts lists can be pre-defined for each event
  • Automatic alerts to managers as event thresholds are reached or events are due
  • Event requirements are turned into work orders with the click of a mouse
  • Event can be set to automatically recur once completed
  • Events can be “chained” together to form a cyclic sequence

Inventory Control

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  • Complete parts management capability
  • User defined part types
  • User defined kit types, kit components and kit assemblies
  • Complete parts inventory with primary, alternate, substitute and superceded part numbers
  • Provides real time parts quantities and cost and capability to set minimum, maximum and reorder levels
  • Maintain manufacturer, supplier and alternate supplier information
  • Detailed parts storage information down to individual bin level with “find” capability
  • Detailed shipping and receiving information
  • Warranty tracking on parts or components that have an associated warranty
  • Warranty checking on removed parts

Corrective Actions

  • All work order discrepancies require a corrective action entry before a work order can be closed
  • Corrective actions can be pre-defined to simplify and ease technician input for standard and/or routine maintenance actions
  • Corrective actions are entered into the applicable resource component category, for example, airframe, propulsion, avionics, or propeller

Shipping & Receiving

  • Complete parts receiving capability
  • Tracks parts that are on order and provides flags when due dates are not met
  • Provides complete billing information including supplier, cost, tax, insurance, and shipping data
  • Automatic flag when part for an open work order awaiting part is received.
  • Tracks parts in shipping status (parts being sent out)
  • Tracks shipping information to include, shipper, cost, pick-up date, tracking number and billing data

Total Management

  • Manage all serialized tools and/or tools that have a periodic calibration requirement
  • Manage tools by make, type, model, serial number and control number
  • Real time current status of the tool (Failed, Passed, Not Tested)

Technician Certifications

  • Define and track technician certifications
  • Certifications can be set as a one time award or given an expiration time (days or months)
  • Technicians can track own Certification currencies from single button on their RMS Home Page
  • Managers can easily monitor Certification currencies directly through RMS or through RMS report function

Management Features

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  • Search through your massive history of work orders in the blink of an eye
  • Maintains history of all work orders (Open, Closed, Cancelled) for reference and analysis.
  • Management area Includes features for managing technician workload
  • Capability to manage all work orders
  • Captures technician work order hours and provides capability to allocate to Payroll Periods
  • Provides capability to manage technician work order time
  • Provides maintenance managers automatic alerts for the following:
  1. Event threshold and duration is reached
  2. Engine/Propeller TBO threshold and TBO reached
  3. Serialized part TBO within xxxx hours and overdue
  4. Part warranty within xxxx days of expiration
  5. Part shelf life with xxxx days of expiration
  6. Work order created and clock time exceeds xxxx hours
  7. Resource downed via a squawk